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the bird roads

a collaboration with poet Katrina Porteous

open sky flights

six pieces for the Amble sculpture trail

The Bird Roads is a series of six short audio podcasts by Geoff Sample and Katrina Porteous, geolocated along the forth-coming Bord Waalk sculpture trail between Low Hauxley and Warkworth. Each podcast lasts about seven or eight minutes, and is intended to be enjoyed on site, in combination with land, sea, wildlife and sculptures.

Each piece includes the voices of local residents and some of the artists involved in the sculpture trail, together with Geoff’s wildlife recordings made on location, and specially-commissioned poetry written and read by Katrina. While each podcast can be enjoyed on its own, Katrina’s accompanying notes explore some of the historical and natural background to each piece.

The Bird Roads podcasts can be enjoyed in any order, or listened to as a series beginning at Low Hauxley and ending by the estuary on the Warkworth Road. We hope that, through these pieces, listeners may pause and perhaps connect more deeply with this richly rewarding landscape.

black headed gulls perched on a BMW Geoff recording the harbour market soundscape

1. Low Hauxley

2. The Dunes

3. The Harbour

4. The Lookout

5. The Braid

6. The Estuary

from Amble harbour to Warkworth Castle